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VA problems

Concord Monitor - 1/14/2018

VA problems

I always follow with interest the news on the various VA hospital events in New Hampshire and Vermont, being a veteran and consumer of their services.

In my hands-on experience in that time, my conclusion is that some of the people there are hard-working and committed to helping and caring for vets. However, overall the place is the most disorganized, ineffective, bureaucratic organizations I have ever had to deal with. Trying to actually call and talk to your doctor is like hunting for Bigfoot – you know they’re out there but you just can’t find them. Scheduling anything is only possible with bulldog-like persistence from the veteran. I could go on and on with other examples. In closing, I think their intent is good but their delivery is lacking.



Pass contraception bill

I’m writing to support Senate Bill 421, legislation that would provide 12 months of birth control in one pharmacy visit. I’m sharing my story, even though it’s deeply personal, because it illustrates exactly why this bill is needed.

I got my first period on my mother’s birthday the year I turned 12. My period was very irregular. Sometimes it would last for a few days and other times it would last over four weeks. The time in between these events could range from as little as a few days to months at a time.

My senior year of high school, my mom found a pay-scaled health clinic and I was finally able to figure out the cause for my irregular cycle: I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was given a prescription for birth control to regulate my periods and began to see a change in my body, health and well-being immediately. I was in control of my body again.

When my prescription ran out of refills, I was unable to afford to return to my provider. It wasn’t until receiving New Hampshire Medicaid that I was able to get another prescription for birth control. I saw almost immediate results.

People are facing unprecedented attacks on contraceptive access from Washington. New Hampshire legislators have an opportunity to protect access to birth control by passing SB 421, legislation that would be life-changing for me, and for many other people who use birth control as medicine to manage chronic conditions, like PCOS, endometriosis and a number of other syndromes.



Nothing good about SB 193

Contrary to its supporters’ claims, school vouchers like those proposed in Senate Bill 193 do not improve educational outcomes.

The effect of such programs, based on the experience of other states, is often worse outcomes for students, and increased segregation by race and class.

In D.C.’s Opportunity Scholarship Program, the only federally funded voucher system, “students who attended private schools through the program performed worse on standardized tests than their public school counterparts who did not use the vouchers.”

Despite their claims, proponents’ concerns are not for parents either. Under the guise of offering “choice,” voucher plans are an attack on public schools and the teachers’ unions to which many public school teachers belong.

In 1984, ALEC said of its original voucher bill that its purpose is “to introduce normal market forces” into education, and to “dismantle the control and power” of teachers’ unions by directing money to private institutions that are less likely to be unionized.

Milton Friedman said the same thing when he addressed ALEC in 2006, saying that vouchers are a step toward “abolishing the public school system.”

When “markets” and competition become the metaphor for human experience, as ALEC and its supporters intend, normal social ties fray, and individuals are often at the mercy of predatory market forces. The hidden agenda behind SB 193 is the intent to weaken the bonds of community and the ideal of a common good, long expressed in our public schools.



Trump and resolutions

It is 2018, and Donald Trump is still president and the United States is prospering. President Trump has accomplished more in one year than President Obama did in eight years.

If you believe the tax cut is only for the rich, do not take it. Do not accept a bonus from the company, do not pay lower taxes and do not invest in the stock market.

Here is what Democrats think of Trump voters: “We get it, they’re dumb. They’re very, very dumb. They live in places in which all their friends are dumb, and their jobs are dumb, and their dogs are dumb and they are racist.”

Other than that, we are pretty nice people.

Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018:

Stop watching Expert Sport Political Network (ESPN) – too much politics.

Stop calling my congressional representatives and senators – they do not give a crap what I think.

Support Eddie Edwards for Congress – look him up.

Vote Republican – love Jeanie Forrester.

Stop watching any awards show.

Continue to stand and salute while the national anthem is being played.

Continue to support and love President Trump.



More Trump racism

The newest genius statement from our president should come as no surprise. The comments of racism have been coming from Donald Trump long before he became president.

Even so, these words, “Why are we letting people from all these shithole countries into the country (Haiti, El Salvador and African nations) rather than from countries like Norway,” are so shocking. How much more of this must we accept? How far into the gutter will this president take the position he holds before we say enough?

It is up to all of us to reject the reality of America that this president and his administration put forward. We are not this America. Stop being silent. We are the people who make decisions about this country.

Remind the president of this reality. Make our elected representatives speak for us. Not the president!

This is truly disgraceful, and shame on us if we don’t stop it.


Concord Poor judgment

I am disappointed in the Monitor’s lack of judgment and lack of taste in publishing both the actual word s---hole and the photo accompanying the article about child marriage in New Hampshire (Monitor Forum, Jan. 11).




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