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Adapted Book

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable children with limited hand or finger control to turn pages independently. To adapt the book, number the pages in the book; cut the book apart to separate each page. Laminate each page of the story. Three-hole punch each page and put it in the binder in order. Cut weather stripping into half-inch chunks, peel the backing off each piece and place two or three pieces on each page: one at the top, one at the bottom, and one in the middle. Slide the cov

Book With Ez Turn Pages

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable people with limited grip or arm mobility to read independently. To adapt any hardcover or softcover book, Take the book to be adapted to a printer to have the binding removed and the pages bundled and tied with string. Purchase a comb binder thicker than the book to be bound from an office supplu store. Use a comb binding machine to rebind the book. To use a comb binder, cut rectangular holes along the pages to receive the binder. (This is done with

Communicate: In Print 2

Communicate: In Print 2 is designed for children and adults who having difficulty reading text. It helps teacher and students create books with pages that face one another while using symbols to encourage independence in desktop publishing. It covers a variety of topics using 7,000 Widgit Literacy Symbols in both color and black-and-white. Communicate: In Print 2 also includes Widgit Pictures, a set of 1,500 clip art and background images for creating illustrations and scenes. Communicate: In Pr

Interactive Board Books

Interactive Board Books are reading tutorial materials designed for children who have cognitive or learning disabilities. This bundle of five thick board books features stories with moveable pieces. These books allow children to read independently because the words are supported with Literacy Support Picture clues. The titles include: The Adventures of Hopper, Mixed up Morning, Monkey Business at the Market, Wonderful Snow, and At the Fire Station. OPTIONS: Individual books are available for pur

The Everyday-Life Reading & Writing Binder 1

The Everyday-Life Reading & Writing (Binder 1) is a 3-ring open and close binder that is an educational tool or resource designed to help children with Autism develop reading skills along with everyday life skills, which special learners need to practice in order to master. Made for easy for copying. Each section is tabbed with a label. There is a CD that has printable pages. Some of the tasks covered in this binder include: reading the newspaper, instructions, schedules, websites, and email

Turtle and Rabbit

Turtle and Rabbit is a tactile book designed for children with low vision. A retelling of the classic tale about the race between the tortoise and the hare. The tactile illustrations allow the child to follow the progress of the race by tracking from left to right along the raised lines of Turtle and Rabbit. Includes a storyboard and symbols for retelling the story.

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