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Crawl And Calm Resistance Tunnel

The Crawl and- Calm Resistance Tunnel encourages crawling, pushing, pulling, heavy work and exploration as one moves through the resistant fabric. Joints receive proprioception input through the stretchy crawling tunnel while increasing body strength support sensory integration. For use at home, school, clinic or while traveling as this tunnel folds for transport.

Gonge Mini Top

The Mini Top is designed for young children to teeter, swing and spin around-at first with the help of an adult, and subsequently on their own. It encourages motor activities which are important for a child's early development of his/her sense of balance (the vestibular system) and motor control. The shape of the Mini Top makes it safe for young children: it is constructed to be big enough, but not too big, for young children. The geometric shape ensures that the tilting motion gradually slows d

Jenx Ziggy Cushion Toy

Ziggy is one-of-a-kind cushion that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and imaginative play.

Jump And Play Island (Model 4500)

The Jump and Play Island, model 4500, is a spatial orientation and balance training device designed for use by children with balance disabilities. This unit has a large inner tube at the bottom with eight vertical poles arranged so that children and climb around and between the poles while climbing over the inner tube. Playing in this unit increases spatial awareness, provides proprioceptive input, and increases balance and motor planning as children walk around the unit or manuever in and out o

Play Unlimited System Le9806

The Play Unlimited System No. LE9806 is a wheelchair jungle gym that provides accessible barrier-free design for physical, psychological, and therapeutic gross motor play. The system is large enough for an adult to aid children who need assistance. The gym has multiple decks that are wide enough for wheelchairs to access. ACTIVITIES: Trapeze swing, Tic-Tac-Toe, bubble panel, steering wheel enclosure, corkscrew climber, coaster climber, Lexan spiral slide, standard slide, access stairs and ramps.

Play Unlimited System Le9807

The Play Unlimited System LE9807 is a wheelchair jungle gym and climbing structure that provides young wheelchair users and able-bodied children an accessible, barrier free environment where they can engage in gross motor play. The structure has multiple decks made of a wire mesh and one access ramp. ACTIVITIES: Half-space climb, crawl tube, Lexan spiral slide, Tic- Tac-Toe board, arch climber, steering wheel enclosure, access stairs, tube slide, corkscrew climber, and rung enclosure. GROUND SPA

Play Unlimited System Le9808

The Play Unlimited System LE9808 is a wheelchair jungle gym and climbing structure that provides gross motor play activities for young wheelchair users and able-bodied children. The decks are made of metal mesh, and there is an access ramps at each end of the structure. ACTIVITIES: coaster climber, access stairs, trapeze swing, steering wheel enclosure, Lexan spiral slide, and Tic-Tac-Toe. GROUND SPACE: 28 feet 11 inches by 27 feet, 6 inches. WEIGHT: 2658 pounds. WARRANTY: 1-year on materials an

Play Unlimited System Le9809

The Play Unlimited System LE9809 is a wheelchair jungle gym and climbing structure providing an accessible, barrier-free design for wheelchair users and able-bodied children alike to engage in gross motor play. The structure has multiple decks and two end ramps. ACTIVITIES: Spiral slide, small bubble panel, suspension bridge, Tic-Tac-Toe board, steering wheel enclosure, chinning bar, rung enclosure, arch climbers, curved slide, tube slide, rung access, ramp, and climbing pole. GROUND SPACE: 36 f

Playaway Toy Company Class Champs Therapy System

The Playaway Toy Company Class Champs Therapy System is a free standing indoor playground space for children working on developmental skills such as balancing, climbing and swinging while seeking vestibular input. The Playaway Toy Company Class Champs Therapy System can be installed in a playroom at home, therapy clinic gym or school indoor playground. OPTIONS: Class Champs Rock Wall, Class Champs Sway Bridge, Class Champs Balance Beam, Playaway Toy Net Swing and Playaway Toy Trapeze Bar are som

Soft-Lite Barrel

Provide a quiet space, vestibular input, and heavy work with the Soft-Lite Barrel. Children can crawl through it to enhance spatial awareness and with movement, it provides strong vestibular input. This lightweight barrel weighs 20 pounds but has a working load of 225 pounds. DIMENSIONS: 28 inches outer diameter x 16 inches inner diameter x 36 inches long. CAPACITY: Accommodates up to 225 pounds user weight. WEIGHT: 20 pounds. COLOR: Variety. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Stair Trainer For Children With Cerebral Palsy

The Stair Trainer device promotes gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy (CP), ages two to five years old. The Stair Trainer allows for easy adult supervision, and be easily disassembled and stored when needed. The railings have an appropriate height of 24” for toddlers and were designed to be 24” apart to disallow holding of both railings during climbing. A height of three feet was designated for the platform with a minimum of 24” of railings, as dictated by safety standards. Addi

Tottime Fun-N-Fitness System E3360

The TotTime Fun 'n Fitness System no. E3360 is a wheelchair jungle gym and climbing structure for pre-school aged wheelchair users and able-bodied children that provides an accessible environment for gross motor play and fitness. The structure has one ramp for wheelchair access. The decks are made of a mesh-like metal surface. ACTIVITIES: Half space climb, dip station, PhoneTime (fake phone), crunch bar, preschool Tic-Tac-Toe, RaceTime panel, 2-foot expanded metal stairs, bubble panel, and steer

Tottime Play Unlimited System 3303

The TotTime Playschool Play Unlimited System no. 3303 is a wheelchair jungle gym and climbing structure designed to provide an accessible, barrier-free environment for preschool-age wheelchair users and able-bodied children to engage in gross motor play. The expanded metal decks are mesh- like to provide a surface with good traction. An access ramp is found at either end of the structure. ACTIVITIES: Curved tot slide, Tic-Tac-Toe, two tot swings, RaceTime panel, trapeze swing, PhoneTime panel (f

Traverse Climbing Wall For Preschoolers

The Climbing Wall is designed for children with little coordination, poor motor planning skills, and weak muscles to develop those skills along with confidence and muscle tone. Buyers are to send into Fun and Function their room dimensions and the child’s or children’s age range. Fun and Function will customize the wall accordingly. WeeKidz® Traverse Wall is a child friendly version of the traditional traverse wall. Children are supported by large red and yellow hand holds in a variety of shapes

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