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Communication Aid For Use With One's Foot.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Shoe attachment with pointer to use with a keyboard for communication. Device developed for a paralyzed person with the use of one foot. It consists of a plexiglass form shaped like the sole of a shoe with a 3 inch tongue through which a rubber tipped pointer is inserted. The device is held on the foot with a strap around the heel. With the user's heel rested the ground, the pointer is used to access a keyboard. COMMENTS: Developed at Rehabilitation En

Computer Keyboard Aid

The Computer Keyboard Aid is a typing stick designed for use by individuals with limited hand function. Designed to help those who cannot access a keyboard with their fingers, this device can be used on typewriters, adding machines, calculators, and telephones. The device comprises a pointer with a round rubber tip for depressing the keys and a hand loop that secures with Velcro. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches (19 centimeters) long. WEIGHT: 1 pound.

Iris Pen Express

The IrisPen is a text recognition pen scanner designed for individuals who learn through visual learning, but also helpful to those with learning disabilities who need information reinforcement. The IrisPen instantly enters text, numbers, and grayscale images into your computer simply by scanning them. The pen can be used with printed information from books, newspapers, magazines, letters, and more. The device can recognize up to 1000 characters per second for ease of copying information.

Page Turner / Keyboard Aid

The Page Turner / Keyboard Aid is a combination hand held page turner and typing stick designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This device consists of a clear, tapered, curved wand attached to a strong plastic hand clip. The foam rubber tip on the wand can be used to turn book or magazine pages or to strike keys on a keyboard; the curve of the wand features a foam rubber pad for use in turning lards sheets. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 10 x 1.25 inches.

Slip-On Typing / Keyboard Aid

The Slip-on Typing/Keyboard Aid is a typing aid designed for use by people with limited grasp who cannot access a keyboard with their fingers. The device features a loop that slips over the hand and tightens with a Velcro strap. The pointer end has a rounded rubber tip for striking the keys. Models are available for right- or left-hand use. SIZES: One size fits all.

Stylus For Children

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To create a stylus with common household materials for children with limited fine motor control to access touch tablets. Instructions provided for making a stylus at www.arearrangedlife.com/adapting/ipad-stylus. AUTHOR: Miriam aRearrangedLife.

Touch-N-Type Stick (Model 32300)

The Touch-N-Type Stick, Model 32300, is a typing stick designed for use by people with limited manual dexterity who type using a stick or pointer. The stick had an adjustable length flex comfort handle and a plastisol tip. DIMENSIONS: 12 inches long. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product against defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days from the date of purchase.

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