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Computer Access Kit

The Computer Access Kit is a set of tools that assist in using computers and is designed for students with severe disabilities to use classroom computers alongside their non-disabled peers. Includes EZ See Large Print Keyboard #1441, Gumball Switch (Red) #782R, Wireless Single Switch Mouse #7758, SAM-Track Ball #4007, Joystick, Computer Mouse Interface #1165, Interactive Mouse for PC #4044, and Switch Jam CD #3981. The EZ See Large Print Keyboard is designed for the visually impaired. It has the


DINO-GAMES are academic tutorial programs designed for individuals with a learning disability. DINO-DOT is a collection of sot-to-sot games which enhance number concepts, counting, sequencing skills, and spacial perception. Games can be selected using patterns of three, six, nine or twelve dots. The mode of play, difficulty level, auditory feedback and scan speed can be controlled manually. DINO-FIND is a game of concentration that stimulates memory and pattern recognition and provides scanning


The ECTtracker is an eye-tracking software application designed to help individuals with paralysis or significantly impaired mobility communicate their needs exclusively through eye movements. It first takes into consideration the current state of the eyes (open, closed, or one eye opened). Then the application ttransmits the corresponding key control codes to any receiving software within the system, such as ECTkeyboard, a program that allows individuals with reduced motor skills to select char

Gimpgear Ultra-Precision Usb Joystick Mouse & Pc Game Controller

The GimpGear Ultra-Precision USB Joystick Mouse and PC Game Controller is a joystick mouse interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy. This digital joystick utilizes differential magnetic fields without any mechanical parts to provide smooth operation. A sticky rubber joystick wrap prevents slipping. The user rests a hand passively over the teardrop shaped joystick handle for mouse pointer control. The unit has three large built-

ILJA Gaze Interaction Game

ILJA Gaze Interaction Game features next generation active multi modal user interaction with active gaze control allowing the gamers to turn, jump, select weapons, and shoot by integrating the player’s gaze into targeting and directing actions.   It is designed for use by users with limited motor control and strength in their upper and lower extremities associated with spinal cord injuries, stroke or muscular dystrophy.  The game is powered by SMI's RED-n remote eye tracker.  It was designed to

Ipad Wireless Two Switch

iPad Wireless Two Switch is a wireless switch interface that allows the user to interact wirelessly with an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod Touch. This switch has two large switches, which can be used with children or adults with physical and cognitive disabilities such as cerebral palsy and developmental delays. The iPad Wireless Two Switch can be connected to one or two additional capability switches. The Wireless Two Switch works with any app that has been programmed for switch access. It

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is a method to turn almost any object into a computer recognized switch. Ideal for individuals with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. Alligator Clip two objects to the MaKey MaKey board. When the user touches the item the user wants to use as a switch, the computer makes a connection, and MaKey MaKey sends the computer a keyboard message. The computer just thinks MaKey MaKey is a regular keyboard (or mouse). Therefore it works with all programs and webpages, because all p


Multi-SCAN is a single switch activity center designed for individuals who have alearning disability and are limited to the use of a single switch. It features the four educational DINO-GAMES (see separate entry) in one complete package. On top of that there are five fraphic libraries appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities. The catagories include Animals, Cosmetology, Independent Living, Sports and Vocations. Multi-SCAN allows you to select a graphic library, choose games and set a s

New Blue 2

The NEW Blue 2 is a switch designed for individualists with dexterity or mobility issues. The NEW Blue2 switch provides a sleek, modern design with new features that make it compatible with all switch accessible apps. Also new to Blue2 is the ability to toggle the on-screen keyboard on and off for iOS devices and a built-in rechargeable battery.Includes rechargeable battery.Requires 40% less pressure to activate than the original Blue2. Features two external switch jacks. Program custom keystrok

Picture Plate Bluetooth™ Switch

The Picture Plate switch with Bluetooth™ wireless capabilities is designed for use by individuals with limited mobility as a result of neurological impairments or spinal cord injuries.   It's compatible with all iPad® devices, iPod®, iPhones®, Android™ Tablets, and Windows Tablets / Computers.  Features include the following:  Settings for Enter / Space / (~1) or a (~3) keyboard signal, rechargeable battery, external switch jacks, Low profile design, slot for a picture sheet and 5x5 low pressure

Switch Driver

Switch Driver is an alternative computer control switch program for people with fine motor, neurological or upper extremity disabilities and others who use one or more switches to access a computer. Switch Driver allows the user to configure each switch connected to a computer through a serial or USB port. For each switch, the user can direct that it press a key on the keyboard (with shift, alt or control); press a button on the mouse or move the mouse; press a button on the joystick or move th

Tecla Access

Tecla Access is an alternative computer and cell phone control switch program and a scanning control switch program designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. This application (or app) allows a person to use adapted switches or the driving controls of their powered wheelchair as wireless accessibility switches. Tecla Access is designed to be used with the Tecla Shield (see separate entry), which interfaces with a variety of switch inputs and transmits via Bl

The ViVo Mouse



WinSCAN is a single switch control interface designed to provide independent control access to programs for individuals who are single switch users. This product allows the user to navigate through Windows, choose program icons and run application programs and games. WinSCAN works by superimposing a scanning control display window in front of an application program. The display contains words or icons to represent the functions needed to navigate and operate the software. The display can be pos

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