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Qchord Digital Songcard Guitar

The QChord Digital Songcard Guitar is an electronic music synthesizer designed for use by children and adults with fine motor disabilities. The device enables the player to make music simply by pressing buttons and moving a hand up and down the strum plate. Shaped like the body of an electric guitar and designed for both musicians and those who have never played an instrument, this unit features a strumplate that strums like a guitar and a push-button keyboard that plays a range of chords or a m


The Quintet is a music synthesizer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This device offers a selection of 128 different instruments and enables users to play and record their own songs. The device can be used as a solo instrument or played in a group situation. The unit is operated by five connected Buddy Switches (included; see also separate entry). Each switch can be assigned a different instrument. Controls include an on/o


The Skoog is a music synthesizer designed for use by children with disabilities that are unable to play standard musical instruments. The Skoog is a cube mounted on a square base with colored half spheres extending from all four sides and the top of the cube. The user can squeeze, press, roll, twist or wobble it to generate a sound. The Skoog connects to a computer via a USB cable (included), and it produces sound through the computer utilizing the Skoogmusic software, which included with the

Twinkle Tunes Piano (Model 2204)

The Twinkle Tunes Piano, model 2240, is a toy piano and music synthesizer designed for use by children with upper extremity, cognitive, and fine motor disabilities. This piano consists of large color-coded keys adapted to match color-coded notes on 12 laminated song cards. When the on switch is pressed, the user can press keys to match the color sequence on a song card to play songs, including "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Pop Goes the Weasel." This toy promotes auditory, visual and tactile act

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