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Cool Visor Cap (Model Cvc-01)

The Cool Visor Cap, model CVC-01, is a cooling hat designed for use by individuals with multiple sclerosis, neurological disabilities and other conditions that may impair the body's control of internal temperature. This combination visor and cap has a detachable top with a separate cooling pad (included) intended to cool the head during long periods of time spent in heat or direct sunlight. The removable top is water activated and needs no refrigeration. It can be unzipped, soaked in cool water,

Ultimate Solution Comfortseat (Model Scs5000)

The Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat, model SCS5000, is a personal cleansing system designed for use byindividuals who have neurological disabilities, mobility disabilities, or upper extremity disabilities. The device uses existing plumbing and installs on the toilet, replacing the standard seat. The unit provides an adjustable sweeping wash motion and aerated spray to provide cleansing with the touch of a button. The nozzle can be stopped and focused, providing a lavage to help stimulate bowel mo

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