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Ableware 706220001 Wheelchair Plastic Cup Holder by Maddak

Ableware's Wheelchair Cup Holder holds a drink securely on wheelchair frames, bed rails, and other tubular frames. The plastic cup holder is slotted on two sides to hold a cup with handles and is accessible to left or right-handed people. It can also hold a glass, can or bottle. The rugged plastic clamp has a large easy-to-tighten lever knob. It is designed for people with fine motors and grasping disabilities.


The Lollacup is designed for ease of grip by little hands, and its handles can be removed to make it cup holder compatible. The valve-less design is an alternative to spill proof cups that have valves which make it difficult for young children to drink from and for parents to clean. This construction allows for the promotion of correct mouth postures, aiding those with speech delays and oral malformation. DIMENSIONS: 6.5 inches length x 4 inches width x 8.2 inches depth. WEIGHT: 4 ounces. COLOR:

Provale‚Ñ¢ Cup

The Provale™ Cup for Stroke and Dysphagia Patients, model RM058T, is a drinking cup designed for use by persons who had a stroke or patients who have dysphagia or individuals who have trouble swallowing. These cups deliver “small swallows®" of thin liquids with every drinking motion. This reduces risk of liquid aspiration, commonly known as “going down the wrong pipe.” Preset the portion of liquid dispensed from 3 milliliters to 15 milliliters. Ergonomic handle for secure grip. good nose cut to

Providence Spillproof Container Independence Two Handle Plastic Mug, Model PSC49

Providence Spillproof Container Independence Two Handle Plastic Mug is designed for people with fine motors disabilities and tremors. It has crystal clear construction which allows the contents to be seen at all times. It is a drinking cup designed to be easily picked up and held. It has a wide base which makes it easy to set down without tipping or spilling and comes with two specialty lids to suit every need.

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